24 Samsen Heritage House

How to get here

There are many ways to reach us. Please choose one.

Sky train

The nearest sky train (MRT) station is Tao Poon Station which is 3.5 km away. 


If you choose to come by sky train, please take Taxi to us or contact us in advance, 


we will pick you up if available.


The easiest way to book taxi in advance is using application “Grab Taxi”. 


You can search our house by putting our name as your destination and book or else, you can tell them that we are in Samsen 24


Alley which is opposite to Rajinibon School or showing them the following Thai Text  


“บ้านตั้งอยู่ที่ซอยสามเสน 24 ตรงข้ามโรงเรียนราชินีบน เข้าซอยมา 200 เมตร”

Driving Yourself

If you drive yourself, please search our house in google map


“24 Samsen Heritage House & Cafe” or putting below details in your GPS


navigator.Latitude : 13.7877933

Longitude : 100.5129124